All women are welcome to join us for a celebration of women in farming!


A two-day conference featuring various speakers who will educate and inspire, as well as many fun additions such as: a private tradeshow shopping experience, cooking demos, and photo booths!

November 14 - 16, 2017

Sheraton Cavalier

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

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CONNECT – The Heart of the Farm is a two-day conference that is jam-packed with very talented speakers, a trade-show component with some fun booths heading into Christmas season, many fun extras such as cooking demo’s, a networking opening reception, photo booths, and a celebrity speaker after a beautiful served dinner!!


CONNECT – The Heart of the Farm will be held on November 15 & 16, 2017 (with an opening reception on the evening of Nov. 14) at the Sheraton Cavalier in Saskatoon.

Farm women are more than often at the centre and heart of the farm. There are many women who are involved in every aspect of the farm. They operate machines, do the books, run for parts, market grain, deliver calves, cook the meals, care for the yard, and everything in between. Whether a woman is heavily involved in daily operations, the cook and caretaker of the farm, or working off the farm; farm women are the support and sound-board of their operations, they are the mothers nurturing our future farmers, they are the love that is required to keep a successful family farm running. Farm women are independent, resilient, patient, hard-working humans that are 100% devoted to their families. Many women in today’s society could/should take a lesson from the traditional farm woman.


CONNECT – The Heart of the Farm is an event for ALL farm women! The primary goal of this event is to have fun and show our genuine appreciation for farm women and give them the recognition they so deserve. The second goal is to provide a comfortable setting for women to gain education, knowledge, and inspiration to help them grow. Thirdly, this event will be a platform for farm women to network and get to know other farm women and industry people. They will build relationships that can be carried on long after this event through an online community. Women are continually becoming more prevalent in agriculture. We would like to use this event to focus on and recognize what women need/want to move forward in agriculture.

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